08 5 / 2013

Made With Paper

Made With Paper

26 2 / 2013

whoiamisrainbow said: Don't worry Gypsy! I'm sure y'all didn't mean to get Mike sick. I hope everything will be okay!! <3

Thanks, bb. Things are looking up.

21 2 / 2013

Boy, Joel sure did look surprised when we gave him his presents!

At least, I think it was surprise.

It might have been profound despair.

20 2 / 2013

Turns out the side of the road is a veritable treasure trove. Who knew? So far, Joel is getting:
- a hubcap
- a beer bottle that shines real pretty when you hold it up to the light
- a handful of all-purpose gravel
- a single shoe
- a variety of tin cans in different shapes and sizes
- a drifter named Morty

I can’t wait to see his face!

20 2 / 2013

Crow and Servo just asked if I wanted to go to scavenge for birthday presents. See y’all later.

20 2 / 2013



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20 2 / 2013

My fam, in happier times.:(

My fam, in happier times.


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20 2 / 2013

Sorry I’ve been gone for awhile! Us bots have been grounded from the Internet ever since we used it to buy Joel that red-ruffed lemur. (I’m only able to blog right now because the router owes me a favor.)

Anyhoo, turns out the lemur was indeed a carrier of bubonic plague. Mike was fine, but he had to be quarantined and get all these shots and I’m pretty sure he’s never speaking to any of us again. The lemur was sent to an animal sanctuary. Last I heard, he was sharing an enclosure with Ikea Monkey.

TL;DR: It’s Joel’s birthday. We do not have a present.

20 2 / 2013

naricornraptor said: Happy valentines day!!!:D

Oh my goodness, sorry I didn’t see your message in time! I’m grounded from the Internet since I ordered that lemur online and it gave Mike bubonic plague.

Anyway, Happy Belated Valentines Day! I hope you spent it like I did - watching Richard Basehart movies with a nice bottle of chilled windshield washer fluid.

12 2 / 2013

So it turns out that lemurs can be carriers of bubonic plague.

BRB, need to take Mike to the hospital.